Rental Services

Southern Plains has an extensive rental inventory for all of your testing needs.  Our experienced operators help to ensure equipment is set up correctly and training is given for all of our products.  GlobalEye Web Scada monitoring is available on all our rental products allowing Southern Plains technicians and our clients the ability to monitoring equipment and ensure its accuracy.


  • GlobalEye Web Scada available on rental equipment.
  • Experienced operators ensure equipment is functioning correctly and safely.
  • GlobalFlow fabricated testing built to the highest standard of quality.
  • Equipment and Training available for 3rd party testers.
  • Impeccable safety record.

Portable Testing Unit Rentals

Southern Plains portable testing units allow clients to monitor wells remotely using the GlobalEye web scada system.  Using satellite communication the portable units can be use virtually anywhere on earth, accurately recording ERCB/EUB Directive 17 compliant flow data.  The small size of the units allows a client to easily move the unit and monitor entire fields with a fraction of the cost of a perminant flow monitor.


  • Small formfactor and light weight can be carried by hand and wheeled into difficult to reach areas.
  • Real-time monitoring allows clients to view data and ensure accurate tests.
  • Satellite communications allow transmissions from anywhere on earth.
  • Reduced transportation cost for moving small units.
  • Accurate testing using EUB/ERCB Directive 17 compliant flow meters.

Blowback Tank Rentals

Southern Plains blowback tank rentals are fabricated through our sister company GlobalFlow ensuring the highest industry standards are met and exceeded.  The 32 cubic meter blowback tanks can safely retrieve frac sands and liquids from most drilling or recompletion projects with little sound or land disturbance.


  • Rigorous preventative maintenance testing done by GlobalFlow.
  • Highly experienced employees to ensure the best training and functionality.
  • Skid-mounted bases to easily transport tanks.
  • 50 meters of 14Mpa-rated surface pipe.
  • GlobalEye web monitoring available.
  • Impeccable safety record.

2 and 3 Phase Separator Package Rentals

Southern Plains Energy provides 2 and 3 phase testing rental equipment.  With available GlobalEye Web Scada to monitor tests in realtime, allowing the testers to ensure accuracy of test data. Separator skids are portable and equipped with EUB/ERCB Directive 17 compliant flow meters to ensure accuracy.


  • In house fabrication of separator packages from sister company GlobalFlow ensures safety and accuracy of packages.
  • Accurate Directive 17 compliant electronic flow meters.
  • Realtime monitoring available with GlobalEye.
  • Portable skids to easily test multiple wells in a field.
  • High quality separator fabrication done by GlobalFlow.
  • Scheduled Maintenance by GlobalFlow ensures optimum running condition.
  • Custom post-test reporting available.
  • Impeccable safety record.

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