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Southern Plains Energy provides a wide range of well testing services.  Through the entire life-cycle of a well Southern Plains Energy will ensure accuracy of the tests.  Using the latest testing technology available we can quickly, efficiently and accurately conduct 2 and 3 phase testing, spot gas testing, fluid level testing, water/gas ratio tests and build-up tests.






  • Enhanced data collection using the GlobalFlow GlobalEye system to ensure data accuracy.
  • Custom programs to increase efficiency and accuracy tests.
  • Constantly adopting new testing technologies to increase accuracy of tests.
  • Experienced testers, operators and technicians.
  • Custom reports available.
  • Portable, accurate testers can be used in any environment.
  • Impeccable safety record.

Build Up Testing

Southern Plains offers build-up tests with test data available in realtime through the GlobalEye web SCADA system. The GlobalEye portable testers allow Southern Plains operators to test 3 pressures to 10000 PSI. Post analysis done by Southern Plains technicians can accurate estimate well flow capacity, permeability thickness and skin effect helping to accurately forecast the production of the well.





  • GlobalEye satellite web SCADA allowing real-time data from even remote locations.
  • Experienced Operators to set up build-up test correctly for accurate data.
  • Experienced Technicians to interpret data collected.
  • Ability to test up to 3 different pressures.
  • Scheduled maintenance on blowback tanks and piping done by sister company GlobalFlow.
  • Impeccable safety record.

Water To Gas Ratio Test

Southern Plains Energy offers water/gas ratio testing, supporting high pressures up to 1400 psi.







  • Water/gas testing on per well or group meter.
  • Wide variety of separater packages and water turnbines to fit testing needs.
  • Can pinpoint water production in the gathering system.
  • Mobile units are easy to installed in pipelines or tanks.
  • Remote flow control options available through GlobalEye.

Spot Gas Testing

Southern Plains Energy’s spot flow testing service uses state-of-the-art flow testing equipment. The flow computers we use provide precise flow measurement data. Your well database is built specifically for your application and can be viewed anytime on the web using Well Test Express Web.




  • Accurate Tests done with portable Pocket PCs, allowing testers to access previous tests and comments.
  • Locations are preprogramed to ensure that no wells are missed.
  • Tests data is compiled in a central database.
  • Test Data can be viewed and exported using Southern Plain’s Well Test Express Web Software.
  • Customizable exports available for any third party accounting software.
  • Portable flow meters are ERCB (EUB) approved.

Fluid Level Testing

Southern Plains offers fluid level testing for oil wells. With a build up test obtained gas free foam suppression can be calculated.






  • Echometer is used to accurately acquiring acoustic liquid fluid level data, acoustic pressure transient data, dynamometer data and moter power/current data.
  • Further analyzes by specialized software analyzes the data and displays thre results.
  • State-of-the-art sigma-delta technology digitizes the signals from the various transducers.
  • Custom reports are produced according to the client’s specific needs and preferences.

2 and 3 Phase Testing

Southern Plains 2 and 3 Phase well testing provides the client with accurate well data available in real time using the GlobalEye web scada system.  Our portable test trailers can easily be moved from well to well to efficiently test entire fields.







  • GlobalEye available web monitoring to view test in realtime.
  • Accurate test data using EUB/ERCB direct 17 electronic flow meters.
  • Portable test skids to efficient move equipment to test multiple wells.
  • Custom reports and exports to accounting software available.
  • Test separators are spec’d to accurately and safely test sour gas wells.

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